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​STEP 3: ​Your body will get adequate proteins, vital nutrients and minerals, which are not even available in a balanced meal today. Because of all the Nutrients your body will intake, with our diet program you will feel benefits of good nutrition also lose weight at a healthy rate. 

STEP 2: ​Our body can burn nearly 2000 calories a day. To get in shape Herbalife nutritional low calorie liquid meals (shakes) are only 220 calories with milk. For a deficit of every 7700 calories the body will lose 1 kg. This is the best nutritional food in the world for the human body. It is a complete meal and very satisfying. Therefore you will feel fuller.

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Herbalife Nutrition and Weight Loss program provides easy and effective way to manage your weight.

For Losing Weight Fast you need to have Foods that are High in Vitamins, Minerals and Protein and at the same time Low in Calories. Such Diet Foods help you Lose your FAT. Herbalife Protein & Nutritional 'Meal Replacement Program Diets' helps you Lose FAT specially Belly FAT (Stomach FAT), which is the most hard to reduce. This is a healthy nutrition program which personalises your wellness goals by providing essential vitamins and minerals to your body. A Wellness Coach work with you thoughout your program, so that you can achieve your 'Weight Management Goals'.


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 ​3 STEPS                                                                            

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Herbalife Weight Loss Programs

1. Quick Start Program - Basic Weight Loss Program
This is the trial products package which will last you 15 days. After you start to feel the benefits, you can then deciede to order again. Products in this program are:

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​STEP 1: ​By taking the Herbalife Protein Shakes you are fixing the protein & nutritional intake values in your daily food.  This help the body to build it's lean muscle so that the body Metabolic Rate OR the FAT Burning Rate is high. This will help in quicker inch / size loss. Some exercise with this diet will get you much better and fast results.

2.Ultimate Weight Loss Program: This is the basic weight loss package which will last you 30 days.Products in the program are: